Hello, I'm

Debbie Gorham.


My Story

Deborah Lynne Gorham, also known as Debbie, embodies the spirit of her name in more ways than one!  Like a busy bee, she is always buzzing with energy, and her natural inclination to see the positive side of things brings a sunny outlook to every situation.  Often described as a "Pollyanna" (the word that describes the opposite of a "Debbie Downer"), Debbie radiates optimism and focuses on the bright side, even in the face of challenges.  Her mother lovingly called her a flower child, recognizing her happy-go-lucky personality, respect for all forms of life, and belief in nonviolence.  This joyful nature and contagious energy inspire those around her, fostering a sense of positivity and well-being.

Debbie's journey has been one of embracing adventure and developing the courage to step outside the confines of tradition.  After bidding farewell to a career as a professional accountant that satisfied her logical side for many years, she eagerly pursued a multitude of experiences.  From volunteering at a Panda Research Centre in China to taking on roles as an aerial observer and bartender in the Yukon, Debbie welcomed diverse opportunities with open arms.

Her affinity for the artful combination of words and their impact became evident to those around her.  Friends playfully teased her for underlining or highlighting passages in fiction books, as quotes, phrases, and messages had a way of jumping out at her.  She found herself drawn to these hidden gems and fascinated by how the expressions will morph and twist, adapting their meaning to perfectly align with the unique canvas they touch.  She developed the habit of meticulously jotting them down, first in small scrapbooks and later creating a vision board resembling more of a vision door (shown below).  Amidst a few pictures, the board overflowed with a tapestry of meaningful, comical, inspirational, relatable, and motivational quotes, phrases, and sayings.

Debbie has developed an appreciation for the importance and transformative power of positivity through years of continuous exposure to positive expressions.  Capturing the essence of meaningful messages brings her joy.  It also serves as motivation for her to share their inspiration in the hopes of empowering others to embrace the uplifting potential they hold.  With a genuine desire for the well-being of others, she shares her perspective through reflections of quotes in her Monday Pocket Quote subscription, her topic specific Pocket Quote books (some with companion journals), and standalone journals, with a course and a product page on the way; inviting individuals to prioritize feeling good and embrace the transformative potential of positivity.